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"I took the Licensing course from Juliet Meeks at a very early stage in my creative journey. This turned out to be the best decision that I have ever made! She covered all aspects of building a creative business, from portfolio development and copyright considerations to branding and licensing your work. 

It is a step-by-step approach that breaks the content down, giving you confidence in your ability to implement this roadmap to success! Juliet has a very fluid delivery style. She is extremely knowledgable about all aspects of art licensing. Her wealth of knowledge comes from personal experience with her own successful business, and she shares stories and examples that bring the course content to life. Her step-by-step approach and her interviews with industry experts are easy for students to follow and implement at their own pace."

Pat B., Licensing for Artists Student

"You're in great hands with Juliet! In a clear, no-fluff course, she covers every detail one needs to get their surface pattern design business up and running. Juliet has a wealth of knowledge in all creative and business aspects related to surface pattern design, from the broad to the nitty gritty. 

She provides helpful cheat sheets, templates, scripts and resources. She answered each and every question I submitted directly and went above and beyond to provide focused advice and feedback."

Erica C., Licensing for Artists Student

"I already have two new licensing partners! One found me through Instagram®. I implemented the changes you taught us to my Instagram® profile and my website.

A few weeks later I got a contract with a stationery company that I wanted to work with. The second company offered me a contract for photography after I sent them an email like you showed us in class. For both companies I used some of the questions you suggested we ask.

I felt confident reading their terms and having a dialogue with them. I know I would not have had that confidence without the class. Thank you so much!"

Jessica M., Licensing for Artists Student

"Juliet is so warm, welcoming, patient, and full of knowledge. She shares on a level I've never experienced before. She and her team are always quick to respond to all of my questions and comments. Truly an awesome learning experience. First time I have actually completed an online course and goodness knows I have signed up for a lot over the years! So that says something for this course!"

Jackie W.
Licensing for Artists Student

"When I decided to take this course, I was only really interested in the subject matter detailing contracts. However, the whole course was super helpful - from advice of knowing my style as an artist to creating a brand guide...it's worth the time.

I've achieved so much! With all the gentle nudges Juliet gave about just getting out there even if I felt nothing was fully complete, I published my website, I got my brand guide together (ready to be emailed to companies) and I've sent two exploratory emails out!!"

Shalini A., Licensing for Artists Student

"Juliet's course was instrumental in my licensing journey. Before this course when a licensing opportunity came along, I was scrambling to figure out how to address it or frame the scope of work. After this course, I feel like I have a strong toolkit for pitching and creating work in my portfolio.

I'v published my licensing portfolio and gained more clarity on my brand, style and voice as an artist."

Natasia M., Licensing for Artists Student

"This course walked me through the exact steps on licensing my art. I sent one of the email templates to my dream client and my deal was signed within a week. 

I wanted a step by step blueprint and that's exactly what I received. 

Juliet was clear, reassuring, positive, and made sure I understood [the material]."

Geneviève S., Licensing for Artists Student

"Juliet's practical and structured approach is so helpful, she is full of wisdom from her own experiences and is so generous with sharing that knowledge in an easy to understand, thoughtful and encouraging way. "

Zoe S.
Licensing for Artists Student

Ready to Get Started?!

Meet Jenna

Jenna is a recent textile design graduate pursuing surface design as her career. 

"This course made me feel very motivated. I felt that my goals, which were dreams at one point, became actionable. I felt like I had a plan and the resources to refer to.

The week after I completed this course, I sent out an email and I got my first design client!"

Jenna Caswell | jennacaswelldesigns.com


Meet Erica

Erica is a fine artist working with heavy body acrylics in a colorful impressionistic style. She is currently working on a licensing collaboration with World Market. 

"You've given me the tools to branch out and pitch to clients, expand into pattern work, and I feel like there's a lot more opportunities for me now that I have all of this knowledge."

Erica Avila Art | ericaavilaart.com


Meet Amy

Amy is a a graphic designer by day, working on the licensing side of her art business in her free time.

"The best part is that, originally, when this business reached out to me [about a collaboration], I was a little bit apprehensive because at first it was talking about giving away the copyright to my work, but because of this course I was able to negotiate it...into a licensing deal. So it feels like a really big win to me."

Amy Christine | amychristine.co


Meet Anee

Anee of Anee Rabbit is a painter and surface designer selling her original work and prints, as well as licensing her artwork to other brands.

"Your course gave me the confidence to start sending out my portfolio, start pitching...it's good to see that collabs are happening!"

Anee Rabbit | aneerabbit.com


"I just signed my first licensing deal for a fabric collection, as well as sold outright a few designs! Thanks to the course I felt so prepared to handle both situations!

This course is so wonderful! It touches on every aspect of the licensing process....from making the art itself, to getting it out there and licensing it.

Juliet is very to the point, which is so nice! She doesn't waste your time with a lot of "fluff." Each topic she touches on is so insightful, without being overwhelming.

Everything is so easy to follow along with, and the templates that Juliet provided made me so much more confident completing each lesson."

Rosa V., Licensing for Artists Student

"This course was amazing!

The videos in each module were short and sweet and the worksheets were a helpful tool for each lesson.  I didn't know anything about Art Licensing in the beginning but after I took this course I felt confident that I could take this on as another source of income. I would take this course again just to refresh in the future!"

Shiho A., Licensing for Artists Student

"Juliet eases into the licensing world in a step-by-step way and explains everything down to the very last detail in an approachable manor. I feel like nothing was left out and I am leaving with a well rounded idea of how to begin and how to sustain the momentum once I start.

I very much appreciated the contract creation details and legal expertise that she goes into. I would recommend this course to anyone that is serious about licensing and wants to learn from someone that really wants you to succeed."

Shannon M., Licensing for Artists Student

"Juliet's teaching style if very student-friendly:). The course has the internal logic that is easy to follow, it's very well organized. Love the downloadable materials! Juliet answers all students' questions...If you are a complete beginner to art licensing, this course is everything you need! I've been struggling for a few months searching for answers online on my own, wondering how to start licensing my art. I found all my answers, and even more, in this course."

Irina F.
Licensing for Artists Student

"This course definitely got me on the road to stepping up my game to become a licensing artist. It confirmed some actions that I have been thinking I need to take for some time and motivated me to actually get the ball rolling.

I'm currently redoing my website and then will start working on my pitch deck and actually approaching clients.

Juliet's art licensing course is great for artists who are just starting out their licensing journey as well as for those who are a little more familiar with licensing art. She gives you step by step instructions on what you need to do to become a successful licensing artist and is upfront about her own journey and what it took for her to get there. She also is available to answer any questions you might have as a student and is happy to help you reach your licensing goals."

Katherine K., Licensing for Artists Student

"Juliet's art licensing course is a great treasure trove of knowledge for those wanting to dive into the licensing world but unsure of where to start. 

I'm very glad to have taken the course and feel like the knowledge I've gained will help ease my journey in the world of art licensing. I started designing a website specifically for the art I want to license. It's a daunting task though so it's taking me a lot longer than I had anticipated. However, I'm further along than I would've been all thanks to Juliet and the course."

Kim S., Licensing for Artists Student

"Since taking the course, I am very motivated to look for inspiration everywhere around me to find my signature style.

I learned the difference between copyright and licensing my work which can make a big difference in revenue.

It is very exciting to know that they can turn into profit when I am ready."

Valencia F., Licensing for Artists Student

"I am a true beginner in the licensing world. For me, this class has opened my eyes to the potential that I have to create a new type of income from my art. Juliet is a supportive, smart and skilled teacher and her course work is easy to digest and put into action."

Natalie R.
Licensing for Artists Student

If it weren't for this course, I'm not sure I would have ever started on this journey. It has been so crucial!

This course is everything and more. Juliet is so kind and thoughtful throughout everything, and the knowledge you'll receive is invaluable.

If you're on the fence about paying for this course, I highly suggest going for it!"

Amy B., Licensing for Artists Student

"After selling originals and prints for the past few years, I realized that I needed a way to produce more income from a single piece of art.

I absolutely love the way the course was structured. The video lessons were straightforward, concise, and filled with valuable information. I also liked how each lesson had PDF downloads and take action ideas because it gave me a way to put what I learned into practice. 

Juliet's course has given me the foundation to start licensing my art and create passive income!"

Erica A., Licensing for Artists Student

"This course has been amazing so far. I have a few licensing agreements already and it is still SO helpful to hear your perspective and sage advice. I cannot thank you enough for offering such a detailed course. Life has gotten in the way BIG time so I haven't stayed on track with timing but I am so excited to keep going!"

Hollis C.
Licensing for Artists Student

"The course is for people who are willing to put in the work to make their dreams come true. The course covers a broad range of topics all vital for becoming a licensing artist. It is a stepping stone - a guide - for you if you would like some help in your journey.

I believe this course will always be there to help me grow as an artist and get my first licensing deal. This course has pushed me to take action and hopefully become a licensing artist next year.

Juliet is sincere; she is intelligent, and I like the pace she speaks at. She is straightforward."

Lexa M., Licensing for Artists Student

"This course is extremely helpful with regard to preparing to approach potential leads, and feeling ready to negotiate licensing contracts.

If you are seriously considering licensing your artwork, this is the perfect course for you. Not only does the course provide information about the terms and definitions used in licensing contracts, but it also coaches artists regarding how to get ready to present their artwork, find leads, approach companies.  Juliet Meeks generously shares the information she has gained throughout years of negotiating licensing contracts."

Danielle N., Licensing for Artists Student

"I like how Juliet takes her time and doesn't rush through the material. I feel like it was very easy to follow along and take notes from her lessons. Her calm demeanor helped me feel less stressed out with all the information we were learning. I also think the art licensing course was presented very well and I was impressed with how thorough Juliet is with each topic. I have learned a great deal about the business side of this industry and feel so much more confident in reaching out to clients for that potential licensing deal."

Jeanne K.
Licensing for Artists Student

"This is a great course for you if you are considering contacting companies to license your designs.

I think this course will really help! It gave me ideas about how to structure my website and how to reach out to potential clients. I think I'm still refining my signature style. I have reached out to some clients without success, and plan to reach out to more after I rework some of my pieces. Juliet does a great job of explaining how licensing works and how to approach it."

Jacqueline G., Licensing for Artists Student

"This course has really helped me know what my next steps should be in creating my art for my licensing business. The structure and support of the class is very helpful! Juliet's style is very warm and personable. Even though I feel like I am going slow, I am making progress and seeing results. I found the course site easy to navigate and understand. Always a plus."

Licensing for Artists Student

"I took a plunge for myself by doing this course. I am a total beginner at licensing, as in I barely knew the definition of the word. I know I have creativity and skill but I did not know where to go with it. I am an "unfocused artist-type". I began to ponder how to get my art "out there", then I saw an ad for this course. It could not have been more perfect for me as a beginner. (although it would be very helpful also if I already was a licensed artist as well.) It is for licensing your art but Juliet gives you so many steps and recourses to begin your journey. For example I know little about Photoshop which is important for mockups and building a portfolio, she gives you directives on ways to learn that. Really, every step of the way Juliet has covered. I am highly impressed with this course.

I will be using the material for the next few years or so as I begin my journey.

I 100% recommend if you are even a little interested in art licensing but do not know what direction to take. She really is amazing. Not only is the course meticulous and thoughtful. She is kind, calm, and helpful and very quick with answering questions."

Erin C., Licensing for Artists Student

"I'm just starting this journey so I feel that I have so many tools that will make all of the process easier to navigate.

Juliet's course is an AMAZING tool that will help you understand and navigate the world of Art Licensing. It's easy to follow, it presents all the information in a very organized way, including videos, helpful cheatsheets and truly inspiring interviews, creating a very complete and useful  package."

Maria G., Licensing for Artists Student

"Thanks to Juliet I now have a more robust pitching schedule, follow-up plan, and have adjusted my email script to potential clients. I also better understand how collections can evolve from various jumping off points (a motif, pattern or illustration)."

Erica C.
Licensing for Artists Student

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"If you are an artist and want to get into art licensing, Juliet's course is THE course out there for you. She has a unique perspective on licensing as an artist. She covers everything from branding, social media, finding clients, pitching to pricing and contracts. She breaks down the business side of licensing into bite size lessons. The information is precise and concise. The interviews with industry experts are a plus! Artists, I'd highly consider this course if you want to get into art licensing."

Anee S.
Licensing for Artists Student

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