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Learn the exact steps to getting your first licensing client and beyond.

Licensing for Artists shows you not only how to get your first licensing clients in a step-by-step process - but what happens after that: from how to handle pricing and contracts to the client process from start to finish, and more.

"This course walked me through the exact steps on licensing my art. I sent one of the email templates to my dream client and my deal was signed within a week." - Geneviève, 2021 Student

With licensing, you can see your art on...

Fabric, wallpaper, accessories, apparel, packaging, home decor, kitchen tools, toys, pet items, planners and stationery, bedding, ceramics, wall art, holiday decor, and SO MUCH MORE! All images shown are from actual licensing collabs with my art. If it's a product art can be manufactured onto, then you can dream it and make it happen!


About your teacher, Juliet...

Hi! I'm Juliet, and I've been licensing my artwork for the past 7 years. I've worked directly with brands like Anthropologie, Uncommon Goods, Birchbox, Hedley & Bennett, and more (over 50 licensees and counting!)... 

Read More About Juliet

By the end of this course,
you will:

Have a full understanding of what art licensing is and how to use it in your art business (instead of piecing together Google searches ;) 

Gain confidence in your pricing as a licensing artist, including how and when you'll get paid and what to charge

Know how to set up your online art licensing portfolio, visually brand your business, and incorporate social media into your marketing

Be able to decide if working with an agent or being an independent artist is right for you (it's ok if this evolves!)

Understand signature style and how to find yours, plus what makes artwork licensable

Be prepared to pitch your work to licensees via email by knowing exactly what to say and send in your pitches

Have a resource for the red flags to look out for in licensing contracts, and how to negotiate

Discover the complete client process from start to finish, including but not limited to custom artwork

Let's talk about exactly who this course (and licensing) is for:

Whether you are...

  • Any type of visual artist, no matter your experience level, who wants to collaborate with others and see their art produced on products, packaging, and more!
  • An artist who's exhausted from year-round personal commissions or packing and shipping physical products, and you’re ready to pursue licensing as an additional income stream
  • Working on your art on the side from your day job, and ready to start growing your creative business 
  • New to the idea of licensing or running an art business, but you're feeling eager to learn all you can to make a career change
  • An artist with some licensing experience, but you know you want to grow your licensing income stream more and need a little direction to help get you there
You're in the right place! And Licensing for Artists will give you the tools, inspiration, and support on your journey to licensing your art. 


"I just signed my first licensing deal for a fabric collection, as well as sold outright a few designs! Thanks to the course I felt so prepared to handle both situations!"

Rosa, Licensing for Artists Student

What's Included

Licensing for Artists is organized by 6 modules with 5-6 lessons per module (35+ video lessons), plus extra bonus videos, cheatsheets, resource guides, editable templates, and more. Each module also features an artist interview, plus industry expert interviews.

This Group Study round also includes 8 weeks of live Q&As with Juliet.
Find the Fall 2022 Course Schedule here:

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Module 1: Intro to Art Licensing

In this module, you'll get comfortable with all of the ins and outs of art licensing. You'll learn about fee structures, license vs. copyright, potential career paths and more.

Highlights from Module 1: 

⁕ Get a complete understanding of what art licensing is and how exactly you can use it in your business. 

⁕ Discover when and if you should sell the copyright to your artwork vs. licensing it. 

⁕ An overview of how you'll get paid as a licensing artist, before we go over this in detail in Module 5. 

Career path options for licensing artists so you can map out your future strategically. 

Module 2: Branding and Online Presence

We'll go over what branding is and how to develop your own. You'll learn how to set up your licensing portfolio and determine strategies for attracting an audience online.

Highlights from Module 2:

⁕ You'll have an understanding of how to develop your own brand, including all of the visual elements involved.

 I'll show you exactly how you can set up your online licensing portfolio to appeal to licensing clients.

⁕ A look into Instagram strategies for artists, and how you can use it to grow your brand.

Bonus Video #1: Setting Up Your Online Licensing Portfolio in Squarespace
Bonus #2: Editable Brand Style Sheet Template

Module 3: Creating Marketable Art

All about developing a refined style to your art to help attract your target clients. We'll discuss trend research and forecasting, how to create cohesive collections, choosing a niche, and more.

Highlights from Module 3:

⁕ How to develop your signature style and why it's important, specifically related to licensing. 

⁕ You'll learn ways you can research trends and come up with your own. 

⁕ What goes into creating a cohesive collection of artwork. 

⁕ Discover what your particular niche is and how that will help catapult your success.

Bonus Video: Licensing for Fine Artists

Module 4: Pitching Your Work

We'll address fears about pitching your work, how to find licensing contacts, and exactly what to say and include in your pitches to potential clients and press. 

Highlights from Module 4:

⁕ Feel confident in how to approach clients for best results by knowing exactly what to say and include in your pitches. 

How to find licensing contacts online, including a community list of contacts already in the works which you can research and add to yourself as well. 

⁕ How exactly to pitch to press to get features. 

⁕ A behind the scenes look at one of my real-life licensing projects. 

Bonus Video #1: How to Make Product Mockups in Photoshop
Bonus Video #2: Walk-Through of Finding a Licensing Contact Online

Module 5: Pricing and Contracts

Not sure what to charge? This module will cover licensing fee structures like royalties in further detail, to help you feel confident in how much you should be paid. We'll go over licensing contract basics and red flags. 

Highlights from Module 5:

⁕ An understanding of royalties vs. flat fees and how to choose which one when working with clients

⁕ A detailed pricing workbook which will help you come up with pricing standard that works for you

Oh, contracts! All about how to know if you're getting a good deal and specific red flags to look out for.


Module 6: Client Process and Communication

In this module, we'll cover the client process from start to finish, from initial contact to delivering your final files. We'll go over how to followup with past clients and organize your licensing contracts. 

Highlights from Module 6:

⁕ Professionalism basics: a look at what that means for both you and the client.

⁕ How to establish the design brief and project details to save you time. 

⁕ Exactly how to work with clients, including on custom artwork, from start to finish.

Bonus Video #1: How to Scan, Clean Up and Digitize Your Artwork in Photoshop
Bonus Video #2: An Example Walk-Through of My Creative Process from Start to Finish with a Client Project
Bonus #3: Practice Design Briefs

Artist & Expert Interviews

Inside the course are 9 artist and expert interviews (and counting!). Each time we add a new interviewee to the course, you get automatic lifetime access to any updates. Explore more about them below!

Hear from Alumni about their experience!

Join me as I chat with January 2022 students Jackie, Natasia, Erica, and Auna about their course experience and how they feel about pursuing art licensing.


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"This course is everything and more. Juliet is so kind and thoughtful throughout everything, and the knowledge you'll receive is invaluable. If you're on the fence about paying for this course, I highly suggest going for it!"

Amy B., Licensing for Artists Student

About your teacher, Juliet Meeks...

Hi! I'm Juliet, and I've been licensing my artwork for the past 7 years. I've worked directly with brands like Anthropologie, Uncommon Goods, Birchbox, Hedley & Bennett, and more (over 50 licensees and counting!). 

Since I started licensing my own artwork, I've been able to experience the joy of seeing my art on all kinds of fun products like fabric, stationery, wallpaper, kitchen textiles, dog collars - just to name a few examples! 

And not only is it exciting, but I've been able to add a whole new income stream to my business that in turn helps grow other parts of my business, too. 

And now I want to show you how, because this is possible for you, too. If you're at all excited about licensing, join the course waitlist today and let's do this together.

I can't wait to welcome you into the next class of students!

Juliet's artwork has been featured in....

Questions about the Course?

If I can help answer anything else, email me at [email protected]

We start Monday, October 17th! 

Q&As will be held weekly for 8 weeks via Zoom on Tuesdays at 1pm CST / 2pm EST and recorded for replays. Can't make it live? No worries! You can submit your question beforehand to be answered by Juliet. 

This course is designed for any 2D visual artist who wants to start licensing their artwork (paintings, illustrations, surface designs, drawings, lettering, patterns) to other companies.

While the majority of the course is geared towards beginners in the industry, more experienced licensing artists have enjoyed the refreshing aspect of this course as well!

Note that this course is not specifically geared to photographers, but photographers can still apply most of the material to them.

Licensing for Artists is organized by 6 modules with 5-6 lessons per module (35+ video lessons), plus extra bonus videos, cheatsheets, resource guides, editable templates, and more. Each module also features an artist interview, plus industry expert interviews.

Plus, 8 weeks of live Q&As with Juliet, recorded for replays.

Yes, you get automatic access to any future course updates as Juliet continues to develop the course content and add/update materials. This is a big bonus!

No, this is not a tutorial course about how to make artwork or create repeat patterns, paint designs for licensing, etc. I do however discuss in detail which kinds of art are most sellable when licensing.

This course is primarily dedicated to the business and marketing side of art licensing, though it does include bonus videos on how to scan and clean up your art in Photoshop, and how to create your own product mockups in Photoshop.

And as a special bonus, I do offer students FREE lifetime access to one of my Skillshare pattern courses where I teach how to make a pattern in Adobe Photoshop. You do not need a premium Skillshare membership to access this bonus so it is truly free.


Since this isn't an art-making course, all you need is access to a computer and internet to watch the videos and download the supplemental materials. 

Bonus: access to and a basic understanding of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign will help you take advantage of the bonus trainings and materials. 

Yes! The only topics that may not apply to you are how to copyright your artwork, because that information is based on U.S. practices. Pricing examples are also based on USD. All of the other material will apply to any artist, wherever they are based. 

No. Even if you are a new artist without a large portfolio or strong signature style, this course is for you. This way, you can be fully prepared as you develop your portfolio and art style, and have a much stronger understanding for what art directors and licensing clients are looking for. Plus, how to protect your art and build a stronger business from the start!

Anyone who expects to make a bazillion dollars from licensing right away or without much work. It takes time and dedicated effort to develop the licensing side of an art biz, and I can't guarantee a specific result for anyone (no course or teacher can!). 

I think you're going to love the video lessons, course community, templates, Q&As, bonuses, and so much more. 

But if you find that the course isn't working for you, you'll have 14 days once class begins to reach out to me. To do so, make sure you read the full 14-day Conditional Guarantee Policy.

And remember, you should always contact me before enrolling at [email protected] if you're not sure this course or even art licensing in general is for you - I'm happy to help!



Yes, we offer an annual scholarship for those in financial need, but the 2022 Scholarship applications are closed and the recipients have been contacted. Applications will be open again in 2023!

Of course! Email me at [email protected] with any of your specific questions and I'll be happy to help.

"After selling originals and prints for the past few years, I realized that I needed a way to produce more income from a single piece of art. Juliet's course has given me the foundation to start licensing my art and create passive income!"

Erica A., Licensing for Artists Student

Have Peace of Mind with a 14-Day Money-Back Conditional Guarantee

I am not only confident in the integrity of Licensing for Artists, but I also strongly believe in making sure my students are 100% happy with their investment. 

I think you're going to love the modules, course community, Q&As, bonuses, and so much more. But if you don't find value, you'll have 14 days once class begins to reach out to me. To do so, make sure you read the full 14-Day Conditional Guarantee Refund Policy. 

And remember, you can always email me before enrolling at [email protected] if you're not sure this course is for you!


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