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5 Steps to Prep Your Art & Biz for Licensing

In this 5 day challenge and mini-course, our goal is to get you prepped and excited about the possibilities of art licensing for your business and art. Not sure what licensing is or if it's for you? Join this challenge to find out!

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In this challenge, you'll learn...

Art Licensing 101

Let's cover the basics so we can move forward with confidence!

The Tools + Tech You'll Need

I'll go over what tools and processes you'll need to have and know to be a licensing artist.

Assessing Your Portfolio

Do you need one thousand pieces of art to license it? No way! Let's discuss the basics.

Overview of Industry Niches

If you're overwhelmed by where you'll fit in, let's make sure you have an understanding of your options.

Squash those Mindset Blocks

And finally, a little pep talk and worksheet to help you stop holding yourself back.

The Challenge starts on January 5th, 2022:









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  • Ask me your questions live + learn about how you can join me inside my larger course, Licensing for Artists (Opening January 11th)!
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About your teacher, Juliet Meeks...

Since I started licensing my own artwork, I've been able to experience the joy of seeing my art on all kinds of fun products like fabric, stationery, wallpaper, kitchen textiles, dog collars - just to name a few examples! 

And not only is it exciting, but I've added a whole new income stream to my business that in turn helps grow other parts of my business, too. 

And now I want to show you how, because this is possible for you, too. If you're at all excited about licensing, register for this FREE challenge today and let's do this together.

I can't wait to get started with you on January 5th, 2022!

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